FlagFu Art


Let's go with PNG's. Full color RGB is fine. Use transparency (an alpha channel) where appropriate. For animations, I'd like to go with one image per frame this time, if that's not too much of a problem.

What I think is needed…

  • Players
    • Probably the most important part here...
    • In the game, players act like circles in all of the collision detection. We can deal with this two ways that I can see
      • Make the collisions circles a little smaller than the art, leaving a little bit off error (feet below ground, not being able to walk directly next to a wall). I think this is my prefered way.
      • Make the players actually look round. (Can't help but notice :P). If you can make them look good and be round (fat/otherwise bulky), that's great, but I can't picture it.
    • The players are supposed to be carrying balloons some of the time (the balloons hang above/behind them on strings...I don't know if there's any way you want to manage that, otherwise I'll just put the strings behind them at the center of the image.)
    • Animation
      • run
        • a bunch of frames of the player running in one direction would be a good start. legs and arms moving...that kind of thing
      • jump
        • I'm not sure if we really need a jump animation, but probably something for when the player is in the air...maybe the feet dangling a little bit
      • fly
        • Players can use Kung Fu wind magic to fly, so maybe something like the previous one but with arms extended and "wind magic" lines would be cool.
      • throw
        • just the player standing around with an arm swining?
      • pick up balloons
      • toggle flags
      • talk to the monk
        • For this and the previous two, how about just something with an arm moving or something like that? I'm not planning on making anything line up with the actual flags or balloons, so anything that seems like they're interacting with things are good.
      • get hit/stunned
        • when players get hit with volleyballs, they are stunned momentarily...a loopable sequence of "dizzy" frames would probably work here, possibly with stars over their head if you want to be cartoonish
  • Volleyball
    • Just a round thing that flies through the air, bounces off of walls, and hits people. Some frames of just some generic noise/variation might add some quality to it, and I can rotate it as it flies. Currently 16x16.
  • Flag
    • Flags (16x16, can be bigger if you want) are on a pole (64x64) and move between the top of the pole and the bottom.
    • If you want to make several frames of flag animation, we can make them wave in the "wind" a little, or I could try to warp it a bit in-game.
    • I forget why I made the pole image so wide, but the pole is in the center, and the left side of the flag image is "attached" to the pole.
  • Balloon
    • The balloons sit around on the level some times and are carried by players other times.
    • Currently 32x32 for the round part seems to be a good size
    • If you want to have balloons be non-round (there could be the part where it is knotted and a string is tied on, slightly oblong, or whatever), I can try to make it rotate nicely in the game.
  • Monk
    • The monk is sort of the hub of the game...players have to go to him, get some balloons, bring him back to the monk, repeat...
    • He could either hover in the air or stand around. Either is fine.
    • He's currently a single 64x64 image, which seems to be a good size, though I think I may scale him up in-game a little.
    • He also moves around the level a lot...every time a player goes to him, he jumps to some other place on the map. I'm sort of picturing the DragonBallz art where someone starts moving really fast and all you see is some horizontal distortion of them or some kind of teleport art.
  • Terrain
    • A tileable image (preferably 256x256) representing grass or the ground or anything that a level might be made out of
  • HUD
    • Wind magic meter 256x16 image, only a fraction of it is shown (the left side) corresponding to how much "wind magic" is left
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