Assignment 3 - "Train Set"

Project Overview

This outdoor scene involves a train going around in a loop, a car that can be driven around, and buildings and trees to fill in the landscape.

Initially, you can walk around the scene on foot. However, it is also possible to hop in the car for a ride and also to catch the train as it goes by.

The train, tracks, and road are produced by splines and a little math. The viewer bobs around as if walking when on foot.


  • Keyboard:
    • When on foot:
      • w,s = forward, backward
      • a,d = strafe left, right
      • q,e = turn left, right
      • enter = when near the train engine or the car, gets in
    • When in the car:
      • w,s = forward, backward
      • a,d = turn
      • space = brake
      • enter = get out of the car
    • When on the train:
      • w,s = forward, backward
      • enter = get off the train
  • Mouse:
    • When on foot:
      • Move the mouse with the left button down to look around
    • When in the car:
      • Nothing
    • When on the train:
      • Nothing


  • README - This
  • Makefile - 'make' to build
  • assignment3 - executable
  • assignment3.png - screenshot
  • main.cpp - program entry point, callbacks, and most glut-work
  • objects.cpp - drawing non-primitive shapes in OpenGL, mainly
  • objects.h - declarations
  • vertex.cpp - handy vector math routines
  • vertex.h - declarations

Compilation Instructions

Compiled in Linux with:

  • gcc-3.3.1
  • glut-3.7.1
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