Assignment 4 - Squirrel

Completed 10/30/2003.

Project Overview

RPI is plagued by squirrels, so I saw it fit to contribute my own.

This project is a third person view of a squirrel that can "scamper" around outside in between the trees. Its tail moves around a lot sort of like a real squirrel's.

A bird soars overhead.

The camera follows the squirrel's position naturally.

Keyboard Controls

  • Up/Down = Move the squirrel forward, backward.
  • Left/Right = Turn the squirrel left/right.


  • README - This
  • Makefile - 'make' to build
  • assignment4 - linux executable
  • assignment4.exe - win32 executable
  • screenshot.png - screenshot
  • main.cpp - program entry point, callbacks, and most glut-work
  • objects.cpp - drawing non-primitive shapes in OpenGL, mainly
  • objects.h - declarations
  • squirrel.h - a Squirrel class
  • squirrel.cpp - all of the work to draw the squirrel
  • bark.rgb - the texture* on the 'bark' of the trees
  • leaves.rgb - the texture* on the 'leaves' of the trees

Note: I'm more interested in the math and physics than the art in this type of project. Can you tell?

Compilation Instructions

Compiled in Linux with

  • gcc-3.3.2
  • glut-3.7.1
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