Assignment 1 - Calvin and Hobbes in a red wagon rolling down a rocky hill

Project Overview

Calvin and Hobbes are comic book characters who frequently are found zooming down a hill in a red wagon. This project abstractly represents this passtime of theirs with a wagon bouncing down a rocky hill. Try to avoid hitting rocks by jumping at the right time, but just like in real life, it's not always possible to avoid a rough ride. A score is assigned and written to standard out when you exit.


  • Keyboard: Push any key to jump up in the air in the wagon.
  • Mouse: None


  • assignment1.cpp - The one and only source file
  • assignment - The executable
  • Makefile - A very simple, strict, yet sadly not very portable makefile
  • README - This

Compilation Instructions

Compiled in Linux with gcc-3.3.1 and glut-3.7.1.

$ make


An object under keyboard/mouse control with four moving parts.

Wagon, wheels, wagon's handle, passengers, ... there are at least four unique moving parts in there. The keyboard control is simple, but I think it's elegant.

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