Getting Rolling

This update is brought to you by We Love Katamari.

I would not have expected games to keep me this busy.

Classes are fairly typical so far. Introduction to AI looks like it might turn into fun with scheme. I have been doing a lot of basic drawing in Basic Drawing, though I have not yet chalked this semester. Sensation and Perception seems as though it will require more studying than I expected, but it looks more interesting than I expected. Experimental Methods and Statistics should be fun. We are probably going to do some manner of study on gender differences and World of Warcraft.

Then all of the games come in. The RPI Game Development Club is keeping me busy and seems to be going really well so far. I should be spending more time than I am working on the group project I am working on for that, The RPI Plan aka RPIrates. I also need to get hopping on the game I am working on for my undergraduate thesis in psychology.

I decided I needed to spend more time carelessly playing games, so I played through the Legend of Zelda and am starting Ocarina of Time. Then I realized that We Love Katamari was out and had to rush out to get it. Finally, I started going to the DDR club meetings and discovered that they run a pretty fun shop. I seem to have picked up DDR about where I left off, which was probably about two years ago, really. It is all about priorities, and it is all good when I come back to my room exhausted after DDR-ing for a few hours.

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